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All you need to do is enter your 14-digit reference number below and click the ‘View Bill’ tab. Your HESCO electricity bill will be instantly displayed in PDF format carrying information about total consumed units, payment due date, customer detail, reference number, and consumer ID. So, switch to our HESCO online bill-checking tool and experience the convenience of easy bill management from today!

Quick Steps to Check HESCO Bill Online

The HESCO bill check method involves a few simple steps by which Hyderabad Energy consumers check their HESCO online bills for their residential, industrial, and agricultural connections. Follow the below steps to view your HESCO bill online:

HESCO online Bill Check through Reference Number
  • Visit the Pkbillchecker website and select HESCO as your Distributing Company.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number displayed at the top columns of the duplicate HESCO bill in the provided space and click on the ‘View Bill’ button.
  • Your HESCO online bill copy will be displayed in a new window where you can view your total electricity bill amount of the current month, due date, meter reading date, and HESCO or government-implemented taxes such as FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment), FC (Financial Cost), and TR (Tariff Rationalisation) Surcharge.
  • Now, you can download HESCO duplicate bill to save the record and take out its printout in any format.
  • You can also check your HESCO bill online at PITC Web Bill Portal. Go to the official portal and select the electricity distributing company of your area as HESCO. You can check the HESCO web bill via reference number or consumer ID. 

How to Download and Print HESCO Online Bill?

HESCO online bill download and print involves the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Follow the above steps to get a duplicate copy of your HESCO bill online.
  • To download the HESCO online bill copy, click on the three dots at the top right corner of your laptop or mobile (Android/IOS) screen and select the ‘download’ option. Besides this, you can also view the download option along with the duplicate copy on the screen.
  • The downloaded copy of the HESCO online bill will be saved on your laptop or mobile device as PDF.
  • Select the ‘Print’ option or press CTRL+P to take the printout of the online HESCO bill.
  • You may also visit the official website of HESCO at http://www.hesco.gov.pk/, click on the ‘e-Services’ tab and press ‘Duplicate Bill’ to access your invoice.

About Hyderabad Electric Supply Company: HESCO History

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. It is Pakistan’s leading public limited power distributing organization, established in April 1998 after the revamping of WAPDA by the government of Pakistan.

Resultantly, 12 corporate entities, 3 Generation Companies (GENCOs), 8 Distributing Companies (DISCOs), and 1 National Transmission and Distribution Company (NTDC) have emerged. Area Electricity Board Hyderabad (AEB) was among these 8 Distribution Companies, now named HESCO.

HESCO distributes high-quality and uninterrupted power supply to the areas under its jurisdiction. Moreover, it provides electricity supply and customer care services to around 1, 178, 412 HESCO consumers in residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors. 

HESCO’s Aim and Mission Statement

To distribute a constant supply of energy to HESCO consumers with much improved Customer Services. Developing safe, reliable, and professional working relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders and ensuring ethical practices and law applicability under the Government rules and policies.

Areas under HESCO Management: HESCO’s Jurisdiction

HESCO covers a large geographical area in Sindh and serves around 1,178,412 consumers with its electricity distribution services. To ensure a steady electricity supply to many consumers, HESCO has divided 12 administrative districts of Sindh into Operation Circles, Districts, Divisions, and Sub-divisions.

Now, HESCO primarily operates in 4 operation Circles (Hyderabad, Laar, Mirpurkhas, and Nawabshah) comprised of further 15 Divisions and 69 Subdivisions. Additionally, HESCO Hyderabad has also developed six construction divisions and five M & T divisions to serve customer demands in a better way and to expedite the maintenance and construction process. 

Areas covered by fesco
Operation CircleDivisionSub-division

Organizational Structure of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company

For smooth operation of electricity supply, each Circle is supervised by Superintending Engineers (SEs), Divisions and sub-divisions by Executive Engineers (XENs) and Sub-divisional Officers (SDOs), respectively. 

HESCO Peak Hours

Peak hours refer to the period of the day during which the electricity demand is at its highest level. During this time, energy consumption is more than the rest of the day, causing pressure on electricity distribution companies to generate more supply. Moreover, the per unit electricity charges are also high at peak hours. Therefore, reducing your power consumption during peak electricity hours is recommended to minimize your electric bill.

MonthsPeak Hours
April- October6.30 PM to 10.30 PM
November- March6 PM to 10 PM

Online HESCO Calculator

Pkbillchecker’s online HESCO calculator is an easy-to-use and free tool to calculate your monthly electricity bill based on the total units of energy consumed.  All you need to do is enter your consumed units of electricity. The bill calculator will instantly give you an estimated amount of electricity bill based on the units consumed, HESCO charges (FPA, meter rent, FC and QTR surcharges), latest tariff rate, and government-imposed taxes (electricity duty, TV fee, GST, income tax, retailer tax).

HESCO Online Bill Payment 

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company provides its customers with several convenient online bill pay options for easy and hassle-free payment from the comfort of their homes. HESCO consumers can pay their HESCO bills online through different online websites, digital banking apps, or third-party platforms. Easypaisa, JazzCash, Nayapay, and Upay are the most reliable and easy-to-use platforms for paying utility bills online. 

Online HESCO Bill Payment Via Digital Banking App 

Additionally, you can pay your electricity bill through digital banking apps. Sign in to your digital bank account, and select the ‘Utility Bill Payment’ option. Select HESCO as your energy distributing company and enter your consumer or reference number in the provided space. You will see the duplicate copy of your bill on the screen. Proceed with the bill payment option by following the guidelines to complete the bill payment procedure. 

Bill Payment HESCO Via JazzCash and Easypaisa Apps

To pay your HESCO online bill through JazzCash and Easypaisa, follow these steps:

  • Install the JazzCash or Easypaisa app on your mobile phone.
  • Make your JazzCash or Easypaisa account using your credentials.
  • Login to your account, select ‘Electricity’ and choose HESCO as your electricity-providing company.
  • Click on the ‘Pay Bill’ section.
  • Enter your Reference Number or Consumer ID and click on ‘Proceed.’
  • Enter your MPIN to authorize the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message via email after successfully paying your HESCO bill online.

Understanding Different Sections of the HESCO Bill

Have you ever wondered how WAPDA generates your electricity bill and which surcharges determine your monthly bill? Hopefully not! Rather, most of us pay our energy bills without noticing the tax amounts or charges implemented on our monthly power consumption bills. Familiarizing yourself with different categories and sub-categories in your bill copy is essential for the following reasons:

  • Accurate Billing
  • Tracking Electricity Consumption
  • Identifying errors
  • To better plan your budget

So, let’s have a quick overview of the amounts and values displayed on your HESCO duplicate bill!

Customer Information: This section includes the personal data of the customer, like name, address, reference number, and consumer ID.

Billing Period: It indicates the billing month, meter reading date, bill issue date, and payment due date.

Tax amounts and Surcharges: This component informs you about the total charges, per unit rate of electricity, tariff, or sum of taxes implemented by the government and HESCO management as per the policies.

Billing History: In this section, the past 12 months’ bill amount, total consumed units of the respective month and payment status are displayed.

Taxes and Surcharges in HESCO Bill

The duplicate copy of your electricity bill contains 2 types of charges; distribution company charges such as HESCO and Government-imposed charges. Let’s have a detailed overview!

HESCO-Implemented Taxes & Surcharges

FPA or Fuel Price Adjustment:

FPA charges are variable and depend on the fuel cost for a particular month in the international market. These payables are applied to the HESCO consumers as Fuel Cost Adjustment charges and may or may not be charged every month. 

FC Surcharge

F.C. stands for ‘Financing Cost’ in electricity bill. An amount of 43 Paisa/Unit applies to HESCO customers as a Fixed Charge. This amount is used to secure the collection of debt servicing of Power Holding Private Limited.

QTR Tariff Adjustment/ DMC:

QTR or Quarterly Tariff Revision charges are added to the consumer bill after every 3 months. QTR charges may apply due to an increase or decrease in the tariff rates, depending on the cost of electricity distribution and other operational expenses.

Deferred Amount

A deferred amount in an electricity bill refers to an amount that the customer owes to the electricity provider but has yet to be paid. It is a balance carried over from previous billing periods, often due to an agreement or arrangement made between the customer and the utility company. Sometimes, customers may request to defer a portion of their electricity bill for various reasons, such as financial hardship or medical emergencies. This deferred amount then adds to future bills as an installment plan.

TR Surcharge

T.R. refers to Tariff Rationalization Surcharge and is determined based on the difference in tariff rate between NEPRA and the Government of Pakistan. If the gap reduces between the two, then GOP bears this amount and gives a ‘Subsidy’ to consumers. However, if the gap increases, the Distribution Companies pay this amount to the government after deducting it from customers.

Government Taxes in HESCO Bill


Good and Services Tax or GST is implemented on the supply of electricity by the government of Pakistan. The GST on the electricity bill is charged at a standard rate of 17% of the total billing amount, including all applicable charges, such as fixed and variable taxes. 

Electricity Duty:

Electricity duty refers to the amount of charges per unit of energy consumed. The state used this amount to generate revenue for various public welfare programs.

Neelum Jhelum Surcharge:

Neelum Jhelum surcharge applies to utility bills in Pakistan to recover the cost of the construction and operation of the Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project, a major hydroelectric power project in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It is calculated as a specific percentage of the total electricity bill amount.

PTV License Fee:

The government charges electricity consumers a T.V. license fee for television broadcasting services. It is charged to households with a television set, regardless of whether they use it to access broadcasting services.

Helpline HESCO and Complaint Cell

At the bottom right corner of your invoice, HESCO has provided a complaint contact number in case of incorrect billing, power supply breakdown, electricity theft, or meter malfunctioning. You can call the HESCO helpline number 118 or SMS at 8118 to contact Customer Service Representative or file a complaint for a quick resolution. Other HESCO complaint numbers are mentioned below:

SDO: 3870085/ 03372192849

XEN: 3870312/ 03372192848

HESCO New Connection Procedure

  1. Visit the official web portal of ‘Electricity New Connection or ENC’ at http://enc.com.pk/
  2. Download the application form for residential or commercial connections. 
  3. Fill out the application form with your valid credential and take its printout.
  4. Attach the following documents with the application form to complete the application procedure: 
  • Attested Copy of CNIC (owner)
  • CNIC copies of 2 Witnesses
  • Ownership Certificate
  • Applicant’s undertaking
  1. Send the form and documents to the HESCO office for verification.
  2. After verification, a HESCO demand notice is issued to the applicant.
  3. Pay the demand notice fee in the relevant bank and send the paid demand notice slip to the HESCO office. You can check the latest fee for a new meter connection from the official website of HESCO.
  4. After verifying the payment of your demand notice fee, HESCO staff will inform you about the installation process and the expected time frame.

HESCO Demand Notice Tracking

To track your demand notice, go to the Electricity New Connection System (ENC portal) and click the ‘Track’ tab.

After clicking on the ‘track’ tab, you will select the option from the application type, i.e., you are applying for a new HESCO connection or the change in tariff/load. Select the ‘New Connection’ tab and proceed with the process. Enter your CNIC number or Tracking ID to track your application status.

Time-frame for New Connection

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has issued a detailed notification regarding category wise time-frame required to complete the new connection process. If the Distribution Company fails to complete the process within the prescribed duration, the company will explain the delay in writing to the NEPRA staff.

However, the delay may not absolve the company from completing the tasks in the set time frame. Below is mentioned the category-wise required duration and responsibility of the staff members in the provision of connection:

Connection Category-1: Load at 400 V (up to 15 kW)

Serial No.Process DescriptionResponsibilityRequired Duration
1Application registration in the Division/Subdivision, site survey, submission of the wiring test report and its verification.-SDC, LS, SDO for A1, A2, and A3 connections.-Head Draftsman/ XEN/ DM (O) for other types of connections.4 Days
2Cost Estimation and Vetting, Issuance of Demand Notice.-LS, SDO/ AM (O) for A1, A2, and A3 connections-Head Draftsman/ XEN/DM (O) for other connections.6 Days
3Issuance of SCO/ Instructions of Work Order, Approval of Store requisition and execution of work order-LS, SDO/AMO for A1,A2 and A3 connections -XEN/I)M(0) for other connections11 Days
4Meter Installation-LS, SDO/AM (O), XEN/ DM (O)9 Days
Total Required Days30

Connection Category- 2: Load at 400 V (above 15 kW up to 70 kW)

Serial No.Process DescriptionResponsibilityRequired Duration
1Application registration in the Division, site survey, submission of the wiring test report and its verification.Head Draftsman/ XEN/ DM (O)4 Days
2Cost estimation and Vetting, Issuance of Demand Notice to the applicant.XEN/DM (O)6 Days
3Issuance of Instruction/ SCO/ Work Order, Approval of requisition and execution of work order.-DO-25 Days
4Meter InstallationXEN/DM (O), XEN/DM (M & T), SDO/AM (O)9
Total Required Days44

Connection Category- 3: Load at 400 V (Above 70 kW up to 500 kW)

Serial No.Process DescriptionResponsibilityRequired Duration
1Application registration in the Circle, site survey, submission of the wiring test report and its verification.Head Draftsman/ SE/ Manager (O)5 Days
2Cost estimation and Vetting, Issuance of Demand Notice to the applicant.SE/Manager (O)7 Days
3Issuance of Instructions/ SCO/ Work Order, Approval of requisition and execution of work order.PD (Construction), XEN/DM (O)36 Days
4Meter InstallationXEN/DM (O), XEN/DM (M & T), SDO/AM (O)10 Days
Total Required Days58 Days

Connection Category-4: Load at 11kV or 33 kV (Above 500 kW up to 5000 kW)

Serial No.Process DescriptionResponsibilityRequired Duration
1Application registration in the CEO Office, site survey, submission of the wiring test report and its verification.Manager (P & E)10 Days
2Cost estimation and Vetting, Issuance of Demand Notice to the applicant.-DO-20 Days
3Issuance of Instructions/ SCO/ Work Order, Approval of requisition and execution of work order.PD (Construction), XEN/DM (O)55 Days
4Meter InstallationSE/Manager (o), Manager (M & T), XEN/DM (O).21 Days
Total Required Days106

Connection Category-5: All loads at 66 kV and above

Serial No.DescriptionResponsibilityRequired Duration
1Application registration in the CEO Office, site survey, submission of the wiring test report and its verification.Manager (P & E)30 Days
2Cost estimation and Vetting, Issuance of Demand Notice to the applicant.CE (T&G) Office of CEO Office of MD, NTDC15 Days
3Issuance of Instructions/ SCO/ Work Order, Approval of requisition and execution of work order.CEO, CE (T & G), PD (GSC)411 Days
4Meter InstallationManager (P & E), Manager (M&T), SE/Manager (0), XEN/DM (P&I), XEN/DM (T&I)40 Days
Total Required Duration496 Days

HESCO WEB Bill Email Subscription

Pkbillchecker.pk offers a reliable monthly email notification service to update you regarding your current month’s HESCO electricity bill and its due date. HESCO energy consumers can register their email address at Pkbillchecker by providing their WAPDA-registered reference number and get monthly bills at their Email. 

HESCO MIS: Management Information System

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company recently developed its online employee portal to access and manage important data and customer records easily. The login and password of MIS HESCO are provided to the employees at the time of their recruitment. Remember, only the office staff of HESCO can access their MIS portal; it’s not for the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reference Number or Bill Reference Number is a combination of letters and numbers printed at the top columns of your energy bill. Saving your ref# is vital for checking your online electricity invoice, tracking your application, or submitting an online HESCO complaint.  

Consumer ID is a unique identification number assigned by distribution companies to electricity consumers at the time of new connection installment. This specific I.D. can be used to check your bills online, make payments, and file complaints online.

The Reference Number or Bill Reference Number is a combination of letters and numbers that are printed at the top columns of your energy bill. Saving your ref# is vital to check your online electricity invoice, tracking your application, or submitting online complaint.

There are various convenient ways to pay your bills offline and online. The most widely used methods are using your debit or credit card, paying through online mobile applications such as JazzCash, Easypaisa, the Daraz App as well as pay the bill in the nearest banks, customer care centers, or shops.

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company consumers can submit their complaints at the toll-free number 111-000-118.