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HESCO Complaint

HESCO Complaint Cell is a well-organized system that allows Hyderabad Electric Supply Consumers to lodge electricity-related complaints online. Whether you have billing discrepancies, a faulty meter, or unscheduled load shedding, you can discuss your issue with HESCO Customer Care Representative or file an online complaint from the comfort of your home. HESCO staff is available 24/7 to assist customers to resolve their issues as soon as possible. Let’s explore ways HESCO consumers can submit complaints and track the application status!

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HESCO Complaint Registration

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company consumers can discuss their electricity issues with Customer Care staff at the nearest HESCO office or submit their complaints through official online portals and websites. However, with technological advancement, online complaint filing is becoming more popular to avoid hassle and time wastage. So, let’s look at different options to launch your electricity complaint.

Visit HESCO Head Office

For general electricity issues, HESCO recommends consumers visit the nearest HESCO Head Office to collaborate with Customer Care Representative. However, if HESCO staff doesn’t assist you in resolving your issue, you may send an online complaint through official channels or email. You may visit HESCO Head Office at the address given below:

HESCO Phone Directory and Helpline Number

HESCO provides many ways to contact officials for any fault in the electricity supply. The consumers may call 118, send an SMS to 8118, or contact the following helpline numbers to request immediate action:

Designation/OfficeMobile Number
HESCO Federal Complaint Cell03372192748-50
HESCO Helpline03372192751-53

The HESCO Representative will urgently collaborate with the relevant departments or staff members to resolve your issue. Also, you will be provided a complaint tracking number to know your HESCO complaint status. You can also visit the HESCO website to get relevant staff’s region-wise HESCO Phone directory.

HESCO Online Complaint Registration

Online HESCO Complaint through PITC

Hyderabad Electricity Consumers can file complaints online at The Power Information Technology Company (PITC), Ministry of Energy. You can go to the PITC website at http://ccms.pitc.com.pk/ or visit the official website of HESCO and click the ‘Complaints’ Section. Select Consumer Complaint Management System’, which will directly lead you to the PITC website.

Next, click the ‘Register your complaint’ option and fill out the HESCO complaint online form with valid credentials, such as personal information, Account ID, Consumer Number, mobile number, etc. Also, type your complaint in the ‘Complaint Details’ block and press the ‘Register Complaint’ icon. Your online HESCO complaint will be submitted to PITC’s official web portal.

HESCO Online Complaint through Email

If your offline or online complaints are still unresolved in the prescribed duration, you can submit your issue at HESCO complaint email address [email protected] or [email protected]. The Head of Quality and Assurance will track your complaint status and will collaborate with the relevant departments for your issue.

HESCO Bill Online Complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) was inaugurated in 2013 to deal with the complaints of Pakistani citizens, women, special persons, and overseas Pakistanis. This system provides an opportunity for the people to communicate with Government officials in a well-systematized way, making them accountable for their performance.

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) is an official mobile application for Android and iOS. It provides an opportunity for the people of Pakistan to raise their issues against Government organizations. WAPDA consumers can point out their electricity-related problems and deliver valuable suggestions through this portal. Follow the below steps to submit your complaint in PCP App:

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store to install the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal mobile app for Android and iOS users respectively.
  • Register with your National Identity Card Number (CNIC), mobile network and phone number.
  • Create your account by providing your credentials, including full name, date of birth, and profession.
  • Log in to your PCP account and click the ‘Complaints’ section on the display. Select the ‘New Complaint’ icon on the display to file your complaint as an individual or to fulfill social responsibility.
  • Next, you will see a list of Pakistan’s Government or semi-government departments. Click the ‘Energy and Power’ section from the list to submit your complaint about electricity.
  • Select ‘Electricity’ as the category, leading you to an online complaint form. Fill out the form by providing your complaint-related information such as Consumer Number, Distribution Company (HESCO), Province, District, and Tehsil.
  • You may upload any document or image with your complaint form and click ‘Hide my Identity’ (your choice). Your complaint will be submitted to Pakistan Citizen Portal following these simple steps. The Government officials will help you resolve the complaint on a priority basis.

Categories in the Online HESCO Complaint Section

Generally, you will see three types of categories while filing your HESCO complaint online. These categories with detailed descriptions are given below:

Line Complaints

In this category, consumers can select the electricity issue they face, like faulty meters, power outages, unstable voltage supply, or electric fire. Here is a list of electricity issues for which HESCO customers can register their complaints:

  • Damaged Transformer
  • Unstable Voltage
  • Fallen electric wire
  • Meter sparking or any other fault in the meter
  • Tripping
  • Line Fault
  • Power Outages

Non-Line HESCO Complaints

Non-line complaints may involve the following types of electricity issues:

  • Detection Bill
  • Electricity Theft
  • Violation of Energy Conservation Practices
  • Defective Meter
  • Wrong Meter Reading
  • Change in Meter Position
  • Corruption


This category involves issues related to the customer’s applications and requests. Check out the below list to know for which types of issues you can submit your complaint here:

  • Application for a New HESCO Connection
  • Change of Sanctioned Load
  • Unscheduled load-shedding
  • Change in Meter Location
  • Application for an Additional Transformer

Types of HESCO Customer Complaints

Usually, electricity consumers of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company face the following types of electricity issues:

Delay in Bill Receiving

Delays in the billing process may cause stress and disturb your budget planning. HESCO has facilitated its consumers to check their HESCO Bills online to avoid such inconvenience. However, if you don’t have internet access, you may contact HESCO helpline numbers to discuss your issue or send an online complaint to HESCO officials.

Faulty Meter Connection

Sometimes, HESCO users may encounter meter errors, such as wrong meter readings, wires sparking, or phase errors. To submit your complaint for such issues, consumers must contact HESCO Customer Care Representatives or file an online complaint immediately.

Load Shedding Complaint

HESCO electricity consumers may call 1912 to file a complaint against unscheduled and log-hours load shedding. The Customer Care Representative will inform you about the estimated duration required to resolve the problem. Moreover, you may also contact the following numbers to file your objections:

  • SDO: 3870085/03372192849
  • XEN: 3870312/03372192848

Power Outages

Power outages refer to situations where a consumer may face frequent or prolonged electricity disruptions due to unscheduled system maintenance, improper supply from the Distribution Companies, or uncontrolled voltage. This issue may damage the electrical appliances and even burn them out.

Detection Bill Complaint

HESCO charges a Detection Bill to the customers besides sending a monthly electricity bill when there is a chance of electricity theft or unauthorized usage towards the consumer end. The following are the key reasons behind a Detection Bill:

  • The electricity meter is slow or tempered.
  • HESCO staff detects a hole in the meter.
  • There is evidence of stealing electricity through direct hooking or kundas.

Bottom Line

The Hyderabad Electricity consumers can submit their HESCO complaint online or visit the nearest Customer Care Center. To file an Online HESCO complaint, there’re multiple ways described above. However, saving the record of your online application form and tracking the status is recommended to collaborate with the staff effectively.

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