FESCO Complaint Cell: Register & Track Complain Online 2023

FESCO Complaint

Are you facing power outages, voltage fluctuation, unscheduled load shedding, or malfunctioning of an electric meter? Visit your nearest FESCO office or call the toll-free FESCO complaint number 041-118 to discuss your problem with FESCO staff. The Customer Care Representative will guide you about your issue and give you an estimated time frame for its resolution. 

However, Digital advancement has made the FESCO complaint registration process much easier and time-saving. Now, you can also file a complaint on FESCO’s official websites or online portals and track the status of your complaint online. 

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company’s Customer Support is available 24/7 to help you resolve your queries regarding online FESCO bill checks, submitting the FESCO New Connection application, or tracking the request status efficiently. Let’s discuss different ways to submit your complaint online!

FESCO Contact Number

FESCO complaint cell is a dedicated system that provides easy access to consumers for reporting electricity-related problems, seeking assistance, and registering complaints. Through the FESCO helpline, you can efficiently communicate your concerns to the Customer Care Representative and request them to resolve issues promptly.

FESCO Complaint Numbers: 092-41-9220184 – 9220229.

FESCO Helpline Number: 118

The FESCO help desk guides you on the issue and collaborates with the relevant departments to fix your complaint on an urgent basis. Also, the staff provides you with a complaint tracking number to check the status of your complaint. So, next time you call the FESCO complaint number, you will provide your complaint tracking number to the staff for further inquiry.

FESCO Online Complaint Registration 2023

FESCO Complaint Via PITC Portal

The Power Information Technology Company’s online Portal provides an easy way to submit electricity-related complaints online. The Ministry of Energy handles the complaints received through the PITC web portal and ensures resolving the issues on a priority basis. Follow the below-mentioned easy steps to register your FESCO complaint online!

  • Go to the official website of The Power Information Technology Company or directly visit the link http://ccms.pitc.com.pk/complaint.  
  • Click the ‘Register your Complaint’ section on the PITC web portal. A new window with the online complaint registration form carrying different sections will open.
  • First, provide your 14-digit FESCO bill Reference Number and Account ID in the input fields to further launch your complaint online.
  • Add the Customer Information in the FESCO complaint form, including name, CNIC, Email, Contact Number, address, Sanctioned Load, Feeder CD, Tariff details etc.
  • Select the nearest place, complaint category (Line, Non-Line, Leads/Requests), and Complaint Type (the issue you’re facing).
  • Type the Complaint Details in the provided space where you need to explain the issue and upload the relevant documents. Click the ‘Register Complaint’ icon. Your online FESCO complaint will be registered in PITC.

FESCO Complaint online through Email

If your electricity problem doesn’t get fixed in the given duration, you can directly email FESCO’s official Email address. Write a detailed complaint with your name and bill Reference Number and send it to [email protected]. However, provide a thorough description of your electrical problem and how you contacted other FESCO platforms to fix your issue. You can also contact the Head of Customer Complaint Management System at [email protected] to speed up the process.

FESCO Online Complaint to Wafaqi Mohtsib Secretariat

Wafaqi Mohtsib Secretariat is a well-systematized and credible platform where the complaints can register their complaints for injustice or unfair behavior of the Federal Agencies. Therefore, if your issue is not getting fixed for many days and FESCO staff is not showing seriousness toward your issue, you can contact the representative of Wafaqi Mohtsib.

Wafaqi Mohtsib Helpline Number: 1055-1056

Or register your online complaint to Wafaqi Mohtsib by filling out the complaint form available at the portal. In this form, first, you will enter your name, address, contact number, CNIC, and Email address. Choose the agency against which you will file your complaint and write a detailed description of your issue. Read the statement of the Affidavit and click the ‘Agree’ tab to register your complaint in the system. A complaint tracking number will be provided to you for the follow-up of your complaint in the future. The Mohtsib-e-alaa is bound to resolve your issue in 30 days.

Office Contact Number: 041-9220211, 041- 9220509

Email Address: [email protected]

File your Complaint in Pakistan’s Citizen Portal

Pakistan’s Citizen Portal by PMDU (Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit) is a Government-owned mobile App for Android and iOS users. Through this app, Pakistani Citizens and Overseas Pakistanis can easily communicate with the officials and lodge their complaints online. Therefore, you can follow the below steps to file your FESCO bill complaint in PCP App:

  • Install the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal mobile app for Android and iOS from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Register in the portal with your name, CNIC, Email, Date of birth, mobile number, and address (Province, City, District, Tehsil).
  • Login to your account and click the ‘Complaints’ tab. A list of all government and semi-government institutes will appear on the screen. You will choose the ‘Energy and Power’ section from the list and ‘Electricity’ from the Category to submit your electricity complaint.
  • An online PCP complaint form will appear on the screen. Fill out the form with your valid credentials and upload the required documents or images.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ option to complete the complaint registration process. You will be guided about the estimated time frame to fix your electricity issue.

FESCO Complaint Categories

In the online electricity complaint form, 3 categories are usually available, i.e., Line Complaints, Non-Line Complaints, and Leads or Requests. You can choose the category as per the issue you’re facing.

Line Complaints

This category is related to power failure, voltage, or feeder issues in electricity supply. The most common issues involved in Line complaints are:

  • Power Outage or voltage fluctuation
  • Damaged Transformer
  • Fallen or Damaged Electricity supplies
  • Faulty Electricity Connection
  • Meter Sparking
  • Tripping

Non-Line Complaints

This category involves issues related to billing disputes or theft. Some of the most common problems faced by consumers in non-line complaints are given below:

  • Detection Bill
  • Electricity Theft
  • Meter disputes; installation or relocation of electric meter
  • Incorrect billing
  • Corruption
  • Violation of Energy Conservation practices


You can select this category if your applications or requests for a particular service are not processed promptly. Most commonly, you can face the following issues in the Leads or Requests Category:

  • New Connection Request
  • Change of Load or Tariff
  • Temporary Connection
  • Electrification
  • Load-shedding Schedule

Bottom Line

The easiest way to file a FESCO complaint is to contact helpline number 118. However, if your issue is not resolved this way, you can adopt any of the options mentioned above to register your complaint online. For any queries related to electricity issues, you can also contact us. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in resolving your issues.

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