GEPCO New Connection Application & Demand Notice Tracking 2023

GEPCO New connection

Do you want to apply for GEPCO New Connection but don’t know the complete procedure? Don’t worry; we’re here to assist you! Gujranwala Electric Power Company consumers can manually apply for a new electricity meter by visiting the nearest Customer Care Center or online from their homes. However, the online procedure is far simpler and time-saving than traditional methods. Here’s the complete step-by-step guide for how you can avail a new GEPCO connection online and what the latest charges are!

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Online Application for GEPCO New Connection: Step-by-Step Procedure

Opting for the traditional ways to apply for a new electricity meter may cause hassle and time-wastage. You have to make multiple visits to the GEPCO office for various associated tasks, such as taking the application form, tracking the application processing, getting demand notices, or submitting fees by standing in long queues.

Therefore, the company has provided an online application facility to consumers by which they can complete all the procedures through the Internet in a few minutes. Let’s have a look at the complete step-by-step process mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit GEPCO ENC Portal

Open Electricity New Connection (ENC) Portal by clicking on this link. Various options will display on the screen, including Track, Apply, Change, Print Form, Print Demand Notice, and Pay or Upload DN. Click the ‘Apply’ tab to continue applying for a new GEPCO meter.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form for GEPCO New Connection

An online Application form will open in which you will select the details, such as the Name of the Distribution Company, Load Type (as per your energy consumption and connection type, i.e., domestic, industrial, or agricultural meter), Sub-division, and your Neighbor’s electricity bill Reference Number.

Step 3: Select the Category of the Required Connection

After providing the initial details, choose the type of connection (Domestic, Agricultural, Commercial, Tube well, or General Services) you need.

Step 4: Add your Personal Information

The next section is about your credentials. Fill out the relevant blocks with accurate information. Add the applicant’s name, Citizenship (Pakistani or Foreigner), NIC Number, applicant’s status (Tenant or Owner), Permanent Address, and Mobile Number. Please make sure to provide authentic details.

Step 5: Provide the Contact Person Information

You will provide the required information in the Contact Person Information block or check the ‘Same as Above’ block. The company will contact the person (you or any other family member) through this section’s details.

Step 6: Enter the Premises Detail

After completing the personal information section, complete the elements in the ‘Premises Details’ block, such as the number of meters already installed at the said location, Premises Address, and Minimum Load required for the new connection.

Step 7: Upload the Required Documents

The last step to complete the application procedure is the uploading of documents. Attach the scanned copies of all the required documents one by one by clicking on the ‘Browse’ tab. Check the Terms and Conditions tab and click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

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Documents Required to Apply for GEPCO New Connection

For Domestic Connection

Make sure to have the following documents on your device before applying for a new GEPCO meter:

  • Copy of the Application form
  • Attested copy of the tariff of the consumer and witnesses; however, it’s not needed if you are applying for a residential or single-phase commercial connection.
  • Attested copies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the applicant and 2 Witnesses.
  • The Ownership Proof (Registry or Allotment Letter) to show that you’re the real owner of the property and provided a correct home address to the company.
  • An affidavit/Undertaking of the applicant that no meter connection is already installed at this address and no dues are pending at your end.  However, if GEPCO finds another connection on the premises, it may cut your connection or charge heavy dues for false declaration.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) and Permission Letter from the landlord, in case the applicant is a tenant or not the real owner of the property.

Additional Documents Required for Commercial Connection

If the applicant needs to apply for a commercial electric connection, he must also attach the following additional documents with the application form:

  • Power of Attorney for the applicant if there is more than one property owner.
  • For Limited or Private Limited Companies, an Incorporation Certificate is required.
  • Attested copies of addresses and CNIC copies of all members of the Board of Directors
  • The Clearance Certificate, issued by the Revenue Officer to ensure that there are no pending dues at the consumer end.
  • The Wiring Test Report issued by the relevant Electric Inspector.

GEPCO New Connection Tracking

After successfully completing and submitting the online application form, you will receive an Application Tracking Number. Save the tracking I’d to track the GEPCO new connection status at ENC. To track your fresh GEPCO connection application, you can follow the below quick steps:

  • Click the Track tab on the left side of the ENC screen. Two options will appear; New Connection and Change of Load, Name, Tariff.
  • Select the new connection option and choose your Distribution Company as GEPCO. Add the Tracking I’d in the input field and press submit.
  • You will see the GEPCO online application status on the portal. If the status shows ‘Completed’ or ‘Pay Demand Notice’ options, then you can download the Demand Notice.

How to Download and Print GEPCO Demand Notice Online?

After submitting the application form, you receive a Demand Notice from the sub-division office within 15 days of applying. However, you can also download the GEPCO Demand Notice online from the ENC website by following the below steps:

  • Click the ‘Print DN’ icon available on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose the New Connection option and add the Application Tracking I’d in the input field. Press the Submit icon.
  • Now, you can download or print the DN as per your need by clicking on the relevant tabs.

GEPCO New Connection Demand Notice Fee

The ENC portal has provided all electricity consumers in Pakistan with the facility to apply online for a new electricity meter connection. Besides that, the Bijli consumers can also pay the Demand notice fee at the nearest bank branch or through ENC by clicking the ‘Pay DN’ tab.

Usually, GEPCO’s new connection charges for domestic applications range from 3000 Rs. To 5000 Rs, you must cross-check the latest fee structure from the official website at After paying the dues, the company will install the meter according to the set time frame and provide a 40-meter wire/per connection. However, if you need more wire, you have to pay extra charges for it.

Uploading GEPCO New Connection Demand Notice

After submitting the GEPCO New connection fee online, the next step is to upload the Paid Demand Notice in the portal to complete the procedure. For this, go to the ‘Upload DN’ folder, select the new connection option, and add your Tracking I’d in the provided space.

Upload the scanned copy of the Demand Notice and click on the Save option. Your Demand Notice will be submitted to the portal. After paying and uploading the Demand Notice through the portal, your new GEPCO connection will be installed within 15 days or as per the company’s procedural time frame.

GEPCO Meter Replacement Application

If the already installed electricity meter is not working well, you can apply for a new connection by following the same procedure as for a New Electricity Connection. But, it’s recommended first to contact the Customer Care Center for the guidelines or request repair. Also, you can submit an application to the SDO of your area to request a change of meter connection.

Bottom Line

Applying for a GEPCO New Connection online is far simpler and more time-efficient. You just need to follow the above steps and the company’s guidelines to get a new meter within approximately one month. However, you can contact us for guidance if you face any inconvenience during the online application. Our team is available 24/7 to resolve your queries.

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