FESCO Bill SMS Service: Complete Registration Process 2023

FESCO Bill SMS Service

Are you tired of the inconvenience due to delays in receiving duplicate FESCO bills? Do you often forget to pay your electricity bill on time, resulting in late payment surcharges? Don’t worry! Faisalabad Electric Supply Company has initiated an SMS Alert Service for consumers to help them receive important notifications and updates through a text message. Subscribing to FESCO bill SMS service provides a hassle-free solution to ensure you never miss a payment again. Let’s discuss how to subscribe to the FESCO bill SMS alert on your mobile phone and regularly get the latest FESCO updates!

Subscribe for FESCO Bill SMS Service Via Official Website: Step-by-Step Process

Subscribing FESCO SMS service is a simple procedure. You can easily register your mobile number on the official website of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company to get regular updates regarding the current month’s electricity bill, due date, updated FESCO rates, Tariff, and other latest news. So, follow the bellow mentioned-quick steps to register your contact number for FESCO’s SMS alert service:

  • Go to the official website of FESCO at http://www.fesco.com.pk/ and click ‘SMS’ in the Customer Services section or click the link to reach the online SMS subscription form.
  • An online FESCO bill SMS registration form will appear on the screen. Fill in the required fields in the online form, i.e., 14-digit Reference Number and Mobile Number in the format 923339944676.
  • Press the ‘Submit/Update tab to complete the online SMS subscription process or the ‘Reset’ tab to change or edit the already provided information.

Register for FESCO Bill Via SMS (Text Message)

Another way of subscribing FESCO bill SMS service is by sending a text message to 8118 by the below simple steps:

  • Open a ‘New Text Message’ on your mobile phone.
  • Type the SMS as REG (14-Digit Reference Number) and send this message to 8118.
  • You will get a confirmation message from FESCO that your Registration process is successfully completed.
  • After completing the registration process, you will receive the latest updates about the current month’s FESCO bill, payment due date, and any change in regular tariff rates or surcharges.

The Standard SMS rate may apply for availing of FESCO SMS alert service depending on your mobile network companies. For any inconvenience during your SMS subscription, contact FESCO Helpline or Customer Care Center for quick assistance.

Benefits of FESCO SMS Subscription

FESCO allows consumers to access all electricity-related updates and notifications online or through an SMS subscription service. Through these services, Faisalabad Electricity Consumers can check FESCO bills online, pay the bill dues, calculate their energy invoices, or apply for the FESCO new connection online or via a text message.

Below are the key benefits you can avail of by registering your mobile number for FESCO’s monthly bill subscription:

1- FESCO Bill SMS Service is Convenient

Subscribing for FESCO SMS alerts via the official FESCO website or Text message is super easy and quick. You need to follow a few steps; i.e., you will type a text message in the format described above and send it to 8118 to subscribe for the monthly electricity updates.

2- Time Efficient

SMS Notifications help FESCO consumers to save their valuable time and effort in finding the latest FESCO rates or waiting for duplicate bills from the company. By subscribing FESCO bill SMS service, FESCO energy consumers can easily get the monthly bill dues and important updates without wasting time visiting the Customer Care Centers.

3- Instant and Customized Notifications

One of the biggest advantages of a FESCO SMS subscription is getting the latest bill as soon as the company generates it. You don’t need to wait to receive the bill copy at your home or office; you will get the bill amount and due date well before time through SMS. Moreover, you can also customize the notifications as per your preferences or requirement.

4- Helps Prevent Late Payment Penalties

By getting timely reports about Faisalabad electricity bills, FESCO consumers remain updated and aware of the due dates and payment deadlines. Therefore, you can avoid missing monthly dues, hence late payment surcharges.

Bottom Line

Subscribing for the FESCO bill SMS service makes your life easier and stress-free. Through this service, you can receive all the billing information automatically each month on your mobile phone, such as saving the bill record and billing status and avoiding the chances of late payment surcharges. Overall, FESCO SMS Registration shows the company’s dedication to providing the best customer service.

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