GEPCO Mobile Number Registration for SMS Alerts 2023

GEPCO mobile number registration

Do you often miss or receive GEPCO bills late from the company, resulting in delayed bill payment and extra surcharges? Don’t worry! Gujranwala Electric Power Company has recently introduced GEPCO mobile number registration service by which you can get GEPCO bill amount, current tariff rates, and the latest GEPCO updates regularly on your mobile phone.

Subscribing to GEPCO SMS Alert Service will help you get in touch with the important updates in GEPCO regarding the electricity supply and transmission system as well as the maintenance schedule. Moreover, the company will also send you the current month’s meter reading via SMS on your phone. So, let’s explore how to subscribe to the GEPCO SMS registration procedure!


GEPCO Mobile Number Registration: Procedure and Step-by-Step Guide

GEPCO SMS subscription is a simple yet helpful solution for Gujranwala electricity consumers to get the latest energy updates through mobile phones. You can subscribe to GEPCO SMS alerts service in 3 ways mentioned below:

Fill out the Form at Official GEPCO Website

  • Fill out the online SMS Subscription form available at the official website of GEPCO.
  • Enter your Name, Email address, Mobile Number, and 14-digit bill Reference Number.
  • Press the ‘Register/Save’ tab to complete the GEPCO mobile number registration service.
  • Your phone number will be saved in the GEPCO record, where you will get important updates and monthly electricity bills through SMS.

Visit Customer Care Center

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) consumers can easily register their mobile numbers in GEPCO by visiting their nearest Customer Care Centers. For this, you will provide the mobile number of the Head of the Family and GEPCO bill Ref # to the Meter Reading Staff of GEPCO.

Send a Text Message to GEPCO’s Contact Number

Another simplest way to subscribe to the monthly GEPCO SMS alert service is by sending an SMS to the official mobile number of the company.

For free registration via Text message, send your mobile phone number and 14-digit GEPCO Reference No. to the company’s mobile number 0333-0430111. You will get the subscription confirmation message in a few minutes. Once the subscription completes, You will receive the monthly GEPCO bill, payment due date, and latest applied Tariff rate.

Note: Standard SMS charges may apply for availing SMS subscription on your Mobile number, depending on the Mobile Network.

FESCO SMS Registration Method

Benefits of GEPCO Mobile Number Registration

GEPCO’s SMS alert service offers numerous advantages to its customers. Registering your mobile number in GEPCO will help you stay informed and up-to-date with important notifications and announcements. Moreover, it offers a convenient way for GEPCO consumers to receive the current month’s bill directly on their mobile phones, thus helping in timely payments.

Regular Notifications and Updates: By subscribing to GEPCO’s SMS service, you can receive timely notifications about power outages, maintenance schedules, billing information, and much more through your mobile number. With instant notifications, customers can stay well-informed and updated about the issues in electricity supply or power disruptions; thus helping them manage their activities accordingly.

Payment Reminders: The topmost benefit of mobile number registration in GEPCO is to get monthly energy bills and Payment Due Dates via SMS, reducing the risk of missed or delayed payments. Therefore, receiving regular reminders and notification help customers avoid late payment penalties or service disruptions.

Convenient and Time Efficient: Subscribing to GEPCO’s SMS service is a hassle-free and convenient way for consumers to stay updated. The important notifications and announcements are delivered directly to the customers’ mobile phones via SMS alerts, thus eliminating the need for physical visits to Customer Care Centers.

Bottom Line

GEPCO Mobile Number Registration offers multiple benefits to customers by providing regular updates, timely notifications, monthly electricity bill amounts, and maintenance schedules through SMS. In case of any issue with registering your mobile number for the SMS subscription service, you can contact the GEPCO helpline for instant assistance.

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