GEPCO MIS: Online Information Management System 2023


In the digital transformation era, businesses leverage the power of technology to boost their operational efficiency. Considering this trend, Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) has developed an employee portal, GEPCO MIS (Management Information System), to manage important databases, Customers’ information and resolve consumer complaints well-systematically.

GEPCO employees can log in to their MIS account through their company’s username and password. Let’s explore how MIS GEPCO has revolutionized the company’s management and operational strategies!

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How to Login into GEPCO MIS Portal?

Remember, the GEPCO MIS online portal is only for GEPCO employees and Line Managers, not for the public. Signing to your MIS account is a simple and quick process. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to your employee’s portal:

  • Go to the official GEPCO website at or check GEPCO MIS Form.
  • Click on the ‘Employee Corner’ tab and select the ‘MIS Reports’ section.
  • GEPCO Online MIS form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your GEPCO-provided Username and Password and press the ‘Login’ icon to reach your MIS account.
  • Once logged in, you will be granted access to the available features, online reports, and functionalities per your assigned role and permission.

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Key Features of GEPCO Online MIS

The Management Information System of GEPCO is a great solution to secure customer data and important company files as well as to handle consumer complaints online. Moreover, GEPCO employees can efficiently manage various tasks through their online portals, thus eliminating the hassle of visiting the spot to detect supply lines and distribution faults. Following are the other key features of the system!

Manage Finance Records to Streamline Operations

GEPCO Managers can effectively organize and secure the company’s financial records through the standardized Management Information System in their online portals. A properly maintained financial database in a secure system is crucial to make informed financial decisions, ensuring accountability and operational efficiency. Also, MIS helps in analyzing as well as automating electricity-related tasks, such as online billing, payment records, and filing complaints.

Access Daily Reports

Gujranwala Electric Power Company’s online MIS system helps users easily access Daily Reports about errors or faults in supply and transmission lines. With this portal, authorized personnel can detect the fault online and review the real-time functionality within the electricity supply and distribution system.

This enables them to promptly identify and address issues, improving performance and minimizing downtime. Additionally, the centralized Complaint Management and Tracking System in MIS help employees check the status of consumer complaints and resolve them online 24/7.

MIS GEPCO Maintains Defaulters List

GEPCO MIS provides a centralized platform to manage and track outstanding payments. Through MIS, employees record and update customer payment information, including outstanding dues and previous history; thus helping identify customers who have not cleared their dues within the specified timeframe. Additionally, GEPCO MIS generates the defaulters’ list and enables the finance department to take appropriate action through reminders, notices, or initiating collection procedures.

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Monitors Online the Supply and Distribution Lines

GEPCO’s Information Management System helps employees and Line Managers to monitor the Electricity Supply and Distribution Network online. It helps you collect real-time data, monitor the system remotely, and detect faults in supply lines.

You can also manage voltage supply, current flow, and power outages anytime and from anywhere through the online portal.  Moreover, employees can set and customize important notifications as per their preference or urgent tasks.

Bottom Line

GEPCO MIS is a well-systematized and organized platform for employees to manage and save the record of customer data. GEPCO’s Computer Department Gujranwala has developed this portal and holds the copyright to use this system. For more information about the MIS system or have issues logging in to your account, you can contact GEPCO Helpline.

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