MIS HESCO: Online Management Information System 2023


Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) has initiated an online Information Management System for its employees to help them organize customer data systematically. Through the online MIS HESCO (Management Information System) portal, the officials can manage and track customer data more efficiently, such as online HESCO billing and management of official records. Also, it enables HESCO staff to detect power outages or faults in supply lines and prompts resolving the error. Let’s explore how HESCO MIS facilitates effective workflow and streamlines departmental operations.

How Does MIS HESCO Work?

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company was established in April 1998 and provides electricity to around 11, 78, 412 energy consumers under its jurisdiction. HESCO initiated an online MIS portal to properly manage and operate the record of such a high number of customers. This online system enhances the collaboration among different departments, thus facilitating efficient workflow and strategy.

HESCO Management Information System is an excellent solution to save customers’ records and important documents in an organized way. Here, the employees can monitor and track the vital information of Hyderabad electricity consumers, thus helping efficiently provide excellent customer support.

How to Access Online HESCO MIS?

HESCO MIS is exclusively for the use of HESCO employees, not for the general public. Only HESCO Authorized officials can access their online HESCO MIS account by following some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of HESCO and click the ‘HESCO MIS’ section, or you may directly visit HESCO online MIS at http://hesco.gov.pk/mis/.
  • To log in to the portal, HESCO staff will provide their User Name and Password in the input fields.
  • If you’re newly appointed to the HESCO team and didn’t get login credentials yet, ask your officer for your account information because you can only access your MIS account with your credentials.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of MIS HESCO

The Hyderabad Electric Supply Company serves various important organizational roles to ensure smooth operations. Some of the key responsibilities of HESCO’s online MIS are:

Manages Customer Data Record

HESCO MIS efficiently collects, organizes, and saves consumer data in its online database to ensure customers’ privacy. The HESCO’s Management team stores all the data and previous Customer records, such as billing information, complaint handling, and documentation for billing disputes, ensuring smooth customer interaction and efficient service.

Online Complaint Management System

The Online HESCO MIS portal is available 24/7 to check and monitor the real-time flaws in the distribution network, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted electricity supply to consumers. The HESCO staff can also track and manage the complaint status online, resolve the issues, and update the list of resolved and pending complaints through their accounts.

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Every electricity-related complaint, such as a new meter connection application, incorrect billing, or improper electricity supply, is delivered to the relevant department for a quick solution and saved in the respective customer’s database record.

Maintains Finance and Payments Section

The HESCO MIS team thoroughly examines and saves all the company’s credit and debit records under its platform. It also records revenue collection, financial analysis, and expense tracking to guarantee transparency and accountability.

Identify Defaulters and Ensures Recovery

HESCO effectively deals with defaulters and ensures fast recovery through an efficient billing system, disconnection or re-connection policies, and charging penalties in response to late payments or necessary legal proceedings and tracking recovery efforts. Moreover, by automating these processes and ensuring effective management strategies, MIS helps minimize revenue loss and facilitate the recovery of outstanding dues.

Saves the Record of Court Cases

Through its comprehensive system, the online MIS portal assists HESCO staff in maintaining the record of legal proceedings and court hearings systematically. Moreover, by centralizing the entire customer’s record online, HESCO ensures safe, legal accountability, efficient management, and smooth operations.
Handles New Connection Requests

HESCO MIS efficiently manages the customer’s new connection request online by verifying customer information and required documents, estimating electricity demand, and getting approval for meter installation. Also, it helps track the installation and testing process, thus helping streamline a structured workflow and management operations.

Bottom Line

The Management Information System, or MIS HESCO, is an incredible solution for HESCO employees to save the customers’ records and resolve complaints online in a well-organized way. Every HESCO official login to his account through a unique username and password and handles all documentation and important files online.

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