FESCO MIS (Management Information System): Full Guide 2023


FESCO MIS (Management Information System) is a centralized online platform for FESCO employees and officials to manage important documents and records online in a well-organized way. By logging into the MIS account portals, FESCO managers or staff members can easily access the Customer files and accurately streamline the updated information.

The login details, i.e., Username and Password, are provided to every employee at the time of his recruitment in the Company. Let’s understand how to access MIS FESCO and how it works to save customer records efficiently!

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How to Login to MIS FESCO Portal? Step-by-Step Guide

ForFESCO MIS login, follow the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of FESCO at http://fesco.com.pk/ and click the MIS Web tab. An online MIS portal will open carrying the login details.
  • Enter the User Name and Password in the input fields (provided at the time of recruitment) and press the Login icon.
  • If you cannot sign in to your account due to some typing error or any other issue, hit the ‘Reset’ icon and type your details again.
  • After signing in to your MIS portal, you can access all the company data, billing records, consumer applications/requests, or FESCO customer complaints under this online system.

How does FESCO MIS Web Work?

The Management Information System (MIS) is vital in managing various FESCO online operations. Here are some key points in how MIS help coordinate different departments of Faisalabad Electric Supply Company for efficiently managing the customer’s database:

Data Collection and Integration: MIS helps collect essential data from various resources such as Distribution Units, Transmission Lines, and Customer Billing records. This data is integrated into a centralized database and includes electricity-related information about consumers, such as power outages, FESCO new meter requests, maintenance schedules, energy consumption, and the personal credentials of the customer.

Data Analysis: After collecting data, the employees analyze the collected data in the MIS portal in different ways, such as statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining. This data is then used to detect errors, optimize the company’s management operations, and plans to meet the insufficient or improper supply of electricity.

System Automation: Once all the customer data is stored in FESCO’s database, the system automates routine tasks, such as meter reading, monthly billing, detecting power outages, and managing system maintenance as per the schedule, hence reducing manual effort and errors.

FESCO Online MIS Support System

Online FESCO MIS Support is a comprehensive system developed to organize and streamline the Information Management Operations in FESCO, Pakistan. It provides information about real-time data, operational efficiency, and customers’ billing and complaint record under one platform. However, remember that MIS Portal is online for the FESCO staff, not the general public. Therefore, if employees face any difficulty or error in using the portal, they can contact the support team in the following ways:

Phone Number: 041-9220588

Email I’D: [email protected]

Benefits and Key Roles of the FESCO MIS Portal

Saves Customer Record

Through the online MIS portal, FESCO employees can save the customer record in its database and ensure privacy. Through this system, officials can also check and track consumer complaints online, including billing disputes, delays in application processing, and unscheduled maintenance.

Improved Customer Service

FESCO employees can 24/7 access their MIS portals online to identify errors in electricity supply, handle consumer complaints, and collaborate with relevant departments to detect the problem. Moreover, the automation facility in FESCO MIS also helps improve the system efficiency and reduce the chances of human errors.

Reduces Manual Labor and Cost

The Information Management System in FESCO significantly reduces manual labor and cost through process automation, streamlined workflows, and improved efficiency. Moreover, it helps optimize employees’ work efficiency by reducing the chances of manual errors and incomplete documentation.

Maintains Defaulters’ List and Cash Record

Through a systematized billing system, effective policies, and imposing penalties for illegal approaches, FESCO detects the defaulters and manage cash and revenue record in its database. FESCO employees prepare a region-wise list of defaulters to track their records and notify them about pending dues, helping minimize revenue loss.

Bottom Line

If you face any error during FESCO MIS login, contact the Customer Care Representative or the FESCO helpline. The FESCO team will identify the flaw and help you access your online MIS account.

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